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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Three Ways To Backup Your Data

If you want to keep your digital data save, then having it on one storage device is not the best of advice because hard-drive do fail or get corrupt, so you need to backup your data to a secondary storage device on a regular basis if you really want to keep your data safe for long. Below, I outline three ways that are available to you if you want to start backing-up your files.

First Way: Backup Program
Using a backup program to backup your files to an external drive is the most common and less stressful way of backing your data. This is because, with the Backup Program, you will not need to be the one who will initiate the backup process every time you want to backup, the program will do that automatically. You can also set how often you want your files to be backed up, how much of your file should be backed up, when you should the backup take place and which type of file backup you need.

Second Way: Copy and Paste
In this way, you are the one who will manually copy and paste the file(s) you want to backup into the backup drive. This way of backing up data is not all that encouraging because without you initiating the backup process, then your files will not be backed up.

Third Way: Cloud
Cloud storage is a good choice if you want your backup files to be accessible from any device and location. While there are programs that can automate your backup process to the cloud, you can also manually move them. One of the major disadvantage of this way of backing up files is the fact that you will need to increase your browsing data purchase since your file will not be backed up if their is no internet connection.

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