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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Why Does Windows Keep Asking Me The Reason For A Shutdown or Restart

Most times this happens when you are using a computer that is connected to a network and not when shutting down or restarting your own computer.

If Windows keep asking you to provide reason why you want to shutdown or restart a computer, it means that the Shutdown Event Tracker have been enabled for that computer.

This Windows utility comes disabled by default, but most IT professional usually enable this utility on computers in their network so as to enable them easily perform remote bulk annotations of unexpected shutdowns, that is, they use it as an easy way of getting the reason for each shutdown of a computer in their network without them having to engage in the time-consuming task of logging on to each computer to record a reason for their shutdown.

When the Shutdown Event Tracker is enabled in your computer, you cannot escape providing a reason for each shutdown or restart, because even if you force the computer to shutdown by long-pressing the power button or by disconnected the power cable, Windows will still bring up a dialog box the next time you login asking you to provide the reason for the unexpected shutdown of the computer (i.e. forcing the computer to shutdown).

Now you know the reason why Windows keep asking you to provide a reason for you wanting to shutdown or restart your computer.

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