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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Where I Am | Akpors Explain To Angry Wife

The conversation below ensued between an angry wife -Chidimaan- and her husband Akpors on the phone; Enjoy.

CHIDIMMA: Where the hell are you?

AKPORS: Honey, you remember that gold shop where you saw the
diamond necklace &  totally fell in love with it?

CHIDIMMA: (relaxed):Yes, my king

AKPORS: Remember I had no cash to buy it for you that day & I said I will buy it for you one day?

CHIDIMMA: (totally relaxed with a smile & a blush):
Yes I can remember my love!

AKPORS: Good, I am in a beer palour next to that shop.

If you were Chidinma
what would you do to

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1 comment:

  1. Funny! I've seen something similar before, it was talking about between wife and husband on I think it shoud be mutual understanding in relationships. It is much better to tell the truth and not be too strict, for it only spoils


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