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Monday, January 1, 2018

What Is The Shutdown Event Tracker In Windows OS?

In a computer using the Windows operating system, there is a utility called Shutdown Event Tracker.
As the name implies, this utility is used by IT professionals to get on a consistence basis, the reason why a user wants to shutdown or restart their computers.

This utility is particularly useful for organizations who want to have a comprehensive picture of why their computer system in the office is going off.
By default, the Shutdown Event Tracker is not enabled for most computer using the Windows OS.

Once you have activated the Shutdown Event Tracker though, it will require that a user shutting down or restarting their computer using the traditional way of shutting down or restarting (which is either through the use of the Start menu, the Alt+F4 Menu on the desktop, or from the Ctrl+Alt+Delete menu) provide a reason before Windows will grant them access to shutdown or restart the computer.

Shutdown Event Tracker will also ask a user why their computer went off the next time they turn it on and log in, if they did not previous shutdown their computer using one of the traditional ways outlined above (that is, if they turn off the computer but disconnecting the power cable or by pressing the power button).

Thus, in all, the Shutdown Event Tracker tries to record the reason for each time the computer goes off or is being restarted. Because the Shutdown Event Tracker uses the Event Log service to record these reasons, you will need to use the Event Viewer when you want to see this records.

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