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Saturday, January 13, 2018

What Is The Disavow Backlink Tool Of Google Search Console

Put simply, the Disavow Backlink tool of Google Search Console is a tool that allow you to tell Google that you do not want web page that is linking to your site to be considered as a backlink.
But why would you want to do that?

Backlinks are a great way to improve your site SEO score you might reason. That is true. But the fact is, not all backlinks improve your site SEO score, some backlinks destroy it. This is what I mean.

In a bid to prevent the concept of backlink from being spammed, Google created a Quality Guideline that used to determine the quality of each backlink your site is getting. So it is not about the quantity of backlink, but the quality of each backlinks. But the bad news is, when Google check a backlink against their Quality Guideline and then determines that the backlink is of a low quality, instead of ignoring it, Google will count is as a down-vote to your site quality, thus tagging you as a spammy who is trying to spam the web for backlinks.

Thus, if your site gets low quality backlinks, then your site performance is Google Search result is in big trouble. Google knows that competitors who are aware of the low quality backlink fact can use is against you, thus they have provided you with these tool -the Disavow Backlink Tool- for your use, to tell them link in a webpage that you feel is of low quality as a down-vote against your site, rather they should just ignore it.

Now you know what the Disavow Backlink tool of Google Search Console is and why it is important to make use of it. Let others know this by sharing this post with them. Use the share buttons to do just that.

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