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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Website You Visit Is Not Solely Your Decision

Of cause it is, you might think to yourself. For I am the one who typed the website URL into my browsers address bar, and I am the one who decide which link to click on search engine result page, you might reason.
But think again, what I said is not that you are not the one doing all those things, what I said is that, it is not solely your decision to visit the website you visit.

What I mean is, 80% of the website you visits is as a result of the recommendation of other websites. For example.

When you use Google search to lookup information, then the website you will visit is based on what Google shows you, so in this regard, Google take part in deciding which website you visit, because if they do not show you those websites in their result page, you will not know about or that the website have an answer to what you seek.

It is same when you surf Facebook or other social media network and you visit a website by clicking a link in a post, doing so implies that, you will not visit that website if the social media network do you load that post to your feeds, so in this aspect Facebook or the other social media network you are surfing take up some percentage in your deciding which website you visit.

So what I say still stand,
The website you visit is not solely your decision

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