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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

See Why Some People Don't Have A Successful Blogging Career

A blog is an information website that is diary-styled with the aim of having readership. So having a successful blogging career means having a blog which readership is high, and in most case, the blog will then serve as the main source of income generation to its owner.
Having a successful blogging career is achievable, but many finds it impossible, below are some possible reasons.

  • Lack Of Readership
    Of what use is a blog without reader? It is of no use. So to succeed in blogging, your blog post(s) needs to have the potential of attracting and retaining readers. Thus, it is not just about blogging, it is blogging about what people are most likely to read.
  • Unable To Sustain Your Passion
    To have a successful career as a blogger, you will need to sustain your passion for blogging. Without your passion, writing blog post(s) will become a burden, and when it has gotten to this stage, you won't care anymore about the quality of your post, when this happens, your readers will turn to another blog for quality post.
  • Low Cash Inflow
    Many people venture into blogging because of the stories they heard and believe about how lucreative blogging can be. I want to tell you now that those stories are not false, they are true, but please, blogging for money should not be the primary reason why you kick-off your blogging career, rather it should be because you want to add a plus to the knowledge of your potential blog readers.
  • SEO Unfriendly Blog
    Know this now, your blog is 1 out of hundreds if not thousands of blogs that claim to have the same information that you do. So having an SEO friendly blog is the only to have search engine(s) recommend your blog to their users. When your blog is SEO unfriendly, you lose readers from search engines, and that is bad to your blogging career. Unfortunatelly, most bloggers are not SEO conscious or do not know how to create SEO friendly blog(s), this is among the reason they don't have a successful blogging career.
  • Quality Content
    More important than generating traffic to your blog is creating quality blog post. If you do not have quality blog post(s), your blog traffic will skyrocket (that is if you are good with promotions) but will take a crashing fall, because your readers will not come back, for they will ignor your future blog promotion.
  • Blog Promotion
    As important as creating SEO friendly blog is promoting your blog either through paid advertising or blog post sharing on social media and on other platforms. It is not enough to create a blog that is SEO friendly and that has great content, you need to let other know that your blog exists and also let them know what content there are in your blog. If you are not interested in blog promotion or you don't have time for it, then you are wasting your time think you can make a success off blogging.
  • Niche Blogging
    The good thing about niche blogging is that it makes you focused. Whereas if you blog is not a niche focused, you might find it difficult even frustrating creating new post for each category of your blog, and this will impact negatively on your passion for blogging.
So my advice to you is, don't worry about the money for now, work on your blog SEO, create blog post that are of good quality, promote your blog and its post and try to update your blog on a regular basic.

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