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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Know Which Site You Are Getting Backlinks From | Google Search Console

Have you ever wondered which site in the web is providing backlinks to your site? If you have, or if you just want to know, then you are in the right place, because with this post, you will learn how you can use Google Search Console to get a comprehensive list of not just which site your backlinks are coming from, but more specifically, the exact page in the site where the backlink is located, the webpage in your site they are linking to, and how many backlinks in total you have gotten from that site.
So let's start learning!

  1. To begin, login to your Google Search Console account and select your site you want to know where its backlinks is coming from.

  2. Once the site dashboard opens, expand the Search traffic menu in the left navigation bar, and click on Links to Your Site.

  3. Under Who links the most section in the next screen, click on the More >> link

  4. Finally, in the next screen, click on any of the download button to download the backlink list for offline access, or you can click on each domain to get the info without downloading it.
    1. Download this table: this will allow you download only the top 45 domains that have linked to your site
    2. Download more sample links: use this one if you want to get all the domain that link to your site.
    3. Download latest links: will provide you with only domains that Google recently indexed.

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