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Monday, January 1, 2018

Is The 'Attrib' Command Line Of Command Prompt A Reliable Way To Detect And Remove Virus?

In my post titled Find And Remove Virus From PC Without An Anti-Virus | Command Prompt, I explained that with the use of the Attrib command line in Command Prompt, you can tell Windows to display all hidden, read-only, archived, and system files that are not legitimate, in your current Command Prompt windows and from there, you can delete the file after you have looked it up and confirm that it is a virus.

But is this method a reliable and always working way of removing virus from your computer? The simple and straightforward answer is NO.

Why do I say so?
It is because a virus does not need to hide behind a hidden, read-only, archived or system file before it can be operation and cause harm to your computer. Consider this example.

An hacker might have a keylogger installed in your computer, because keylogger generally are not hidden, read-only, archived, or system files, the attrib command line will not be able to pick it up as an illegitimate program. On the other hand, there are more advance way of concealing virus that will take even the most trusted anti-virus weeks before it can receive and update that will enable it to uncover the virus.

Do not get me wrong in this. The attrib command line of Command prompt is a good way to detect virus, that does not mean that you should now use it to replace the functionality of a dedicated anti-virus software. If you do, that will be unwise of you.

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