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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Introducing Facebook Messenger for Kids | Messenger Kids

We all (adults) Facebook Messenger, we love it so much so that some of us set it so that it will be the default messaging app for our smartphones. Since Facebook Messenger is great, why stop your kids from using it in their smartphone?

Many will say it is because safety for their kids. If this is your case, then you no longer have to restrict your kids to SMS only, Facebook Messenger Kids is the app they need.

This app allows your kids to chat (message and video call) only contacts that you approve. And because Messenger Kids do not allow your kids to delete or hide a message, this app is great choice if wish to check on the conversations of your kids.

Also, with the Facebook Messenger Kids app, you shouldn't bother about buying a phone number for your child, for Messenger Kids make use of your home Wi-Fi.

So allow your Kid spark up conversation using kid-appropriate masks, frames, stickers and GIFs with their approved friends and family members.

Want download the Facebook Messenger Kids app? Click >>> HERE <<<

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