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Saturday, January 13, 2018

How To Un-Disavow Backlinks | Google Search Console

The Disavow Backlinks tool of Google Search Console is a nice way of ensuring that low quality backlinks do not have a negative impact on your site, without you having to remove the link from the site you are getting the backlink from.

If for any reason though, you feel that the once backlink you consider a low quality backlink and that have been disavowed via Google is no longer a low quality backlink henc you want Google to now start seeing it a a backlink vote, then this is how to un-disavow it.

How to Un-Disavow Backlinks
To un-disavow backlinks in Google Search Console, you will need to go through the process of disavowing backlinks.
That is, you will need to create a list of backlinks you want to disavow, and upload it via the Disavow Backlink page. But this time, you will not add the url of the webpage you want to un-disavow to the new list you are uploading.

Google Search Console policy has it that, previous disavow backlink list is replaced with new ones. So if you disavow a backlink in the previous list and the backlink is not found in the new list you upload, then Google will un-disavow the backlink.

Note though that after you have uploaded the new disavow list that is not inclusive of the backlink you want to un-disavow, it might take Google weeks to start count those un-disavowed backlinks as a positive vote for your site, because Google will have to re-crawl, re-process and index the new list fore it will take effect.

If you do not know how to Disavow Backlink using the Google Search Console tool, click >>> HERE <<<

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