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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How Do I Set Minimum CPC For AdSense?

The fact is, with Google AdSense, you do not have the privilege of setting the minimum CPC for ads in your AdSense account, that privilege is reserve to advertisers only.
This may be because, Google want everyone to use their advertising network regardless of their budget. This does not mean you do not have control over the CPC of ads which AdSense serve to your site, you do, and with this post, I seek to outline ways in which you can tweak AdSense into serving you ads with high CPC.

Keyword Research: this is the most important thing to do. Your aim of doing keyword research is not to know which keyword will get you more visitors, but to know which keyword in your niche advertisers is willing to pay more for. Once you have done your research and gotten the keyword, then you should tailor posts in your sites to host those keywords, this will increase the CPC of the contextual ads that Google AdSense will be serving to your site.

Block Low CPC Ads: from the ads review section of your AdSense account, you can view all the ads that Google have served to your block and their CPC, if you do not like the CPC of an ads, you can stop it from being served to your site again by blocking it from there, when you do, that ad will no longer be served to your site during its active campaign.

Quality Traffic: apart from contextual ads, Google AdSense also serve personalized ads. This means that if the online activities of your site visitors does not show that they are interested in niche that have ads with high CPC then AdSense will be serving personalized ads with low CPC because your site visitors are interested in niche which ads CPC are low.
So in this context, quality traffic is not visitors that will stay long in your site but visitors that have interest in niche that have ads with high CPC.

Ad Type and Size: using a responsive size ad unit and allowing a wide range of ad type to be served to your site is a nice way of ensuring that AdSense have the permission to serve high CPC ads to your site anytime there is one regardless of the ad size and type.

For now these are the very best ways you can tweak Google AdSense into serving you ads with high CPC even though you cannot set the minimum CPC for each ads that is served to your site.

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