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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Google PageSpeed Insight Tool Report Now Include Real-World Data

Are you are fan of the Google PageSpeed Insight tool, or are you just inquisitive about it? In any case, many people love this tool, but there is this fact that critic of the Google PageSpeed Insight tool use against it. The fact is; Google PageSpeed Insight tool report is derived from machine data and not from the real-world. It is true, but not anymore.

Today, the 10th of January 2018, Mushan Yang and  Xiangyu Luo, both software engineers of the Google PageSpeed Insight tool made a post in the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog stating the following:
PageSpeed Insights provides information about how well a page adheres to a set of best practices. In the past, these recommendations were presented without the context of how fast the page performed in the real world, which made it hard to understand when it was appropriate to apply these optimizations. Today, we’re announcing that PageSpeed Insights will use data from the Chrome User Experience Report to make better recommendations for developers and the optimization score has been tuned to be more aligned with the real-world data.

So, now let's see what criticize will use against Google PageSpeed Insight tool.

But what do you think, does having real-word data included in the report really matters?

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