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Sunday, December 24, 2017

YouTube Go App Preview

With over 50million installs according to Google Playstore count, the YouTube Go app is to me the best app to replace the traditional YouTube app. Some of the things you get to enjoy while using the YouTube Go app are:

  • Quick access to popular movies, TV Shows, Comedy, Songs, How-to's, Cooking and more.
  • The ability to download the videos in various quality.
  • Watching of videos without buffering
  • The ability to share downloaded videos without data charges to friends and family.
  • The ability to preview the view before streaming or downloading it.
  • No more phone hanging for the YouTube Go app is design to use less memory, and much more.
Google says that the YouTube Go app is an app to 'maximize your fun without eating your data.'
Interested in the YouTube Go app? Here is the download link.

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