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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Your Future by Manish Sanwal

In this poem, Manish Sanwal tries to uncover the key toward achieving one's dream, and what one can do in order to be happier in life. Will you like to read how these thoughts and advice were expressed in poetry? Then continue reading.

I can predict your future
without meeting you
I can predict without knowing you
I work for free….may I help you
wanna know your future ??
should I predict your future??
Ok let me do it

You will achieve everything
in life……..if you work hard,
no not hard………harder,
not like everybody does
clear aim for your destination
you will have it very soon
all the success you dreamt of
no not dreamt of but working harder for
but true determination required

You will live happily
but have to put little efforts,
for this every day
but I can`t predict your happiness menu
be with good peoples
be a good person eliminate negativity
carry our smile every day
you move out of your home.
we all have some pains
but there is no one to bear them
it`s just you who can deal them

And the list goes on
God has gifted you with everything
you just need to discover it,
it`s the only cause of life
to discover yourself to find your identity
don`t be a name……… be a brand,
give the world cause to remember you
search and share happiness
be the good get good,
life is just… can have everything
but only if you are willing to find.

What do you have to say about the poem?

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