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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

You Can Change The Text Color Of Command Prompt

We all know Command Prompt as that Windows utility tool that have a black background and a white text-color.
It is true that Command Prompt offers you great control over your Windows powered machine, but that does not mean that you cannot carry out those control in style.

What I mean is, you can change the text-color of Command Prompt from white to a color you like.

To do this just type in color and an alphabet letter from letter A-F or from number 0-9, then hit the Enter button. For example, to change the text-color to red, you simply type in color c then hit the Enter button.

The color attributes and the color it produces
0 = Black
1 = Blue
2 = Green
3 = Aqua
4 = Red
5 = Purple
6 = Yellow
7 = White
8 = Gray
9 = Light Blue
A = Light Green
B = Light Aqua
C = Light Red
D = Light Purple
E = Light Yellow
F = Bright White

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