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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Work On Your Site Before Backlinks

It is true, backlinks is a great source of traffic. But if you focus on creating backlinks when your site is still under construction, then those backlinks will not be working for your good. To illustrate, you have been served a notice of eviction that is to take effect soon, and your accommodation agent is taking you to a building which by the look of things just started laying it's foundation. What is the probability that you will want to tick around even if the engineers tell you that the building will be completed days before your eviction notice take effect? Slim right?

That is what you are doing to your website if you are focusing on the creation of backlinks when the site is still under construction.
So before you start focusing on backlinks, try to have these three aspect of your website in place.

  1. The architectural design: Your website design and navigation should be well organize, it should be mobile friendly, error-free content and the load time of the web pages should be optimized.
  2. Quality Content: Work on your content, make it authoritative, unique and relevant. And try to make your content address things your competitors have not yet addressed, else, chances are high that your content will not be relevant to your readers for they might have seen it in your competitor's website before.
  3. Keyword optimized: Finally, make sure that your site content is keyword optimized. You will not be considered as professional if you do not use the terminology peculiar to your profession. In the same vain, keyword are the terminology peculiar to the niche of your website, if you do not know and use them, your site visitors will not consider you as authoritative in the niche.
    So keywords are not just tools to improve your SEO score among search engine robots, they also improve your creditability among your human readers.
So work on your website or blog before you start to work on getting backlinks.

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