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Monday, December 4, 2017

What Is The MonkeyRewards of Mailchimp

As you may already know, Mailchimp is an automated mailing system that one can use to send automated welcome message to those who signed up for a newsletter or as a member of a website. It can also be used to send newsletters, send an auto reminder about items in a cart of a member in an e-commerce site, and more. So what is the MonkeyRewards that they have attached to their services?

Simply, the MonkeyRewards of Mailchimp is just like an affiliate system for Mailchimp.

With the Mailchimp MonkeyRewards, when you refer someone to start using the paid feature of Mailchimp, then both you and the user you refer will be given $30 which you can used for your next order. So everyone wins.

More so, as an addition to the $30 you will be given for referring someone, you will also be given 3 Inbox Inspections points. With these Inbox Inspections you are now eligible to get notified about which of your subscriber the mail you send to ends up in the spam folder and also be given recommendation on what you can do so that your future mails will show up in their inbox.

Mailchimp MonkeyRewards badge is attached to every mail sent by Forever Free Mailchimp member.

If you want to start using the Mailchimp MonkeyRewards for your website, then you will need to get the MonkeyRewards embed link code. To get it, do the following:
  1. Click on your Profile name icon, then select Account from the menu that will appear.
  2. Next, click on the Extras drop-down menu and select Rewards from the drop-down.
  3. Now scroll down to the Embed link code section to find your unique Mailchimp MonkeyRewards referrer link.

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