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Sunday, December 10, 2017

What Is Bloatware

In the simplest of terms, bloatware are applications that the manufacturer of your device think you will love using and thus they pre-install it to your device. These bloatwares are not harmful to your device, the only thing is, since you are not the one in install them, chances are high that you will not be interested in using them.

And thus, there will just be there, eating your device memory and RAM.

Also sometimes, bloatware are not pre-install to a device without a financial benefit attached to the manufacturer. What I mean is, sometimes, the bloatware in your device are there because the manufacturer of your device have been paid a token to have that application pre-install on that device.

Depending on the operating system (OS) of your device, you can and cannot be able to delete bloatware. For example, in device using the Windows operating system whether in mobile or pc, you will be able to delete and uninstall bloatware. But in device using the Android OS, you have the option to only Disable the bloatware. You cannot uninstall it.

Note that the operating system developer and your device manufacturer did not collaborate of have a bloatware install in your device, it is solely the decision of the device manufacturer, and they can do this because almost all OS allow device manufacturer to customize the default settings of the OS and to also install bloatware that they feel will make the device appealing to users who want to buy the device.

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