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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wake Up Your Phone Without Using The Power Button

Do phones sleep? Yes, when your phone's backlight is off, it mean your phone is sleeping and you will need to press the power button to wake it up. But is the power button the only way to wake a phone when its sleeping? What do you think?

I'll give a moment.

My answer is, NO.
Among the many options available when you want to wake up your phone, the use of an app called Gravity Screen stands out. Why?

Because with the Gravity Screen app installed in your phone and activated, your phone will go to sleep automatically when you put it in your pocket and it will wake the phone up when you take it out our pocket.

Not only that, the Gravity Screen app, can detect when the phone is idly left on the table, and when it is functional.
That is, if your phone is at a still mode, Gravity Screen will assume that it is idle and will put the phone to sleep, immediately you move the phone Gravity Screen will wake the phone so that you do not need to press the power button.

This app is also useful when you power button is broken.

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