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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Using The "Undo Send" Feature Of Gmail In Their Mobile App

Once activated on Gmail web for pc, the Undo Send feature allows you a time frame of about 30 second to decide whether on not to have Gmail deliver the mail you have already clicked the Send button on.
The Undo Send feature works different on Gmail's mobile app, and I want to use this post to explain it to you.

How it works on PC
In Gmail web for computer, if you send a mail and you have this feature turned on, you will see a sticky notification label telling you that your message has been sent. This this notification label are also two option titled, Undo and View message. When you click on the Undo option, then the Undo Send feature will prevent the Gmail mail delivery service from delivering the mail to the recipient(s).
To learn how to activate the Undo Send feature on Gmail web for computer, click >>> HERE <<<

How it works on the Gmail Android app
On the Gmail Android app on the other hand, there is no Undo Send feature, what it has is Send Confirmation.
The Send Confirmation feature as the name implies, will ask users to confirm that they really want to send the mail, not that they tap the Send button by mistake.
To activate the Send Confirmation feature, do the following:
  1. In the top left section of the Gmail Android app screen, tap the Menu icon Menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and tap Settings then tap General settings.
  3. Finally, check the Confirm before sending box.

How it works on Gmail iOS app
On the Gmail app for iOS devices however, you do not have to activate anything.
Right after you send a message, you will see the message Sent and an option to title Undo. Tap the Undo to execute the Undo Send feature.

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