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Friday, December 1, 2017

Understanding The Concept of "Ad Serving"

Each day, there are billions of people visiting website of different kind. Most of these website provide their service to their users free of charge with the intent of using ad serving to generate the income needed to sustain the service to provide.
How does the Ad Serving process work? Continue reading to find out.

When a user visit a webpage, the user's browser will callout to the web server which holds the code needed to display that webpage to the user browser for the codes. These codes contain the text, image, or video content of the page, and in most case, ad code snippet (also referred to as Ad Tag), so when the web server respond by sending the codes, the user's browser interpret it to display the content of the webpage.

As it is with the case of ad codes snippet, when a web server delivers the ad code snippet of the webpage to the user's browser, the ad code snippet tells the browser to look at another server in order to display the right at for that webpage and user,
Thus the browser will have to callout to the ad server that the ad code snippet is pointing to. When the ad server receives the call, it will check out all the parameters in the ad code snippet so as to decide which ads in their database is best for the webpage and also the user.
When the ad server has matched all the parameters of the ad code snippet with an ad in their database, it will respond to the browser's call with the actual ad code which the browser will then interpret to display the ad to the user.

The Main Point
The process of a browser calling an ad server for ads, the matching process that the ad server will perform and the delivering of the picked ad with their ad code to the browser is what is referred to as Ad Serving.

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