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Monday, December 25, 2017

Understand What Browsing Cookies Are

When you visit a website and you get a notification that the website uses that you need to accept, what comes to your mind?
With this post, I will explain what cookies are.

Simply put, Cookies is just a file containing some information about you which a site use your browser to store on your computer, so that when you return to the website or view other webpage in the site, the file will be given back to the website by your browser to let them know that you are still the one surfing or returning.

In other words, cookies is what a website uses to personalize your experience surfing their site. For example, in a web store, when you add something to a cart you close your browser, when you visit the store again, you will still see the item in the cart. That is only made possible with the utilization of browsing cookies by the web store.

Also, with the utilization of browsing cookies, YouTube can tell you which videos you have watched previously even if you were not signed into YouTube when you watch the video on the browser.
Browsing cookies is also utilized by site which support multiple language, because with the use of cookies, those site can remember which language you view their site with and thus when next you are visiting them, they will show you their content in that language rather than in the default language of the site.

In all, we can say that the utilization of browsing cookies is what make you feel that a site know you and what you like that is why their recommendation seems to be base on your activities online.

Cookies is generated by a website based on your activities and stored in your device through a browser. So if you have two browsers, and you use a site that work with cookies, then you will have to cookie files saved on your device from the same site.

The content of a cookie is dependent on the site it belong to.
A site cannot read the content of a cookie from another site which is stored in your device.

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