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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Two Great Reasons To Become "Ask Leo" E-mail Subscriber

Leo Notenboom, the owner of is one great tech geek. In fact, his posts serves as source for some of my post. But with lots of tech geeks out there who wants you to become their e-mail subscribers, why does subscribing to Leo Notenboom's blog better?

Leo Notenboom don't just come up and write an article, he scan through question asked by his blog's visitors and pick the once he will like to give an answer to. The answer then forms the content of his blog post.

But with lots of questions that is being hipped on him, how does he decide the one to give an answer to? I do not know.
But what I do know is that he has device a way of prioritizing those questions. And this will form the number one reason I am giving as to why you should become a subscriber to his blog.

Leo Notenboom has another separate webpage that he gives only to his blog e-mail subscribers, Patrons, and Book Owners, thus, any question asked from that webpage using the e-mail address you signed up with, will be prioritized.

The second reason is that Leo Notenboom also give his blog's e-mail subscribers 20% off any of their purchase of his books from his store.

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