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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Three Things That Makes Google’s Pixel Phone Incredible

I know you have your own views about which Android phone manufacturer you think is the best, and am not trying to change that. What I aim to achieve is to help you understand why I feel that Google's Pixel Phones are great choice.

So, here are what makes Google Pixel phone incredible to me.

  1. System Updates and Upgrade
    When last as your non-Google Pixel phone get an Android upgrade or update notification. Do they even get? I doubt it. But Google Pixel phone are in fact, the first phone to get any update or upgrade to the Android OS.
    If you are not too concerned about getting upgrade to your Android version, there is no problem, but to me, I will say, why tie yourself to an old version when there is a new version of the os that is much more better, secure, elegant? It does not make sense to me.
  2. True Android
    The Android OS found on Google Pixel Phones are the true version of Android. What I mean is, their Android have not been tampered with, so bloatware are absent, the design and layout of Android have not been modified, and features have not been removed.
    That cannot be said about the Android version you find on other phones, where they are packed with pre-installed apps that you don't even know what they are used for, and in some cases, where features of the Android OS have been modified or even removed.
  3. Google Pixel Phone is Quad-band
    This means that you can use Google Pixel Phone with any mobile carrier of your choice. If you wonder why Exclusive to Verizon is used when advertising Google Pixel Phones by Verizon, here is the answer. That phrase does not mean that Google Pixel Phones uses only Verizon carrier, rather what it means is that, they are the only carrier licensed to sell Google Pixel Phone in stores, at least for now.
    So you can buy a Google Pixel Phone and use it with any other mobile carrier of your choice.

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