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Monday, December 25, 2017

Three Marketing Strategy Quora Can Be Used For

With over 400million unique monthly users, Quora is a platform you should be thinking about using in your next marketing campaign. Why, because unlike social media platform where users experience marketing fatigue, Quora marketing when used in the right way can yield you a much more favorable reward.
Below are three strategies you can employ when engaging in Quora marketing.

Authority Building
Quora is a question and answer platform, where users come to get quick answers to their specific question on a particular niche.
When you provide these users with satisfying and accurate answers to their question about your niche, you are in a pathway to building your brand authority in your niche.
And as it stands, Quorans are not stingy with upvotes, thus, the more upvotes to your answers you get, the more you will be looked up to as an authority in the topics you are following. And soon, you will find yourself getting answer requests from more and more Quorans.

Support Service
Many Quorans don't use Quora as a means of getting answer peculiar to a niche, they also ask question related to brands. Thus you can use it as a means to provide support service to your customers as well.
And note, answers are not only visible to those viewing a question, they are also loaded to the Quoran's feeds. So a Quoran does not need to have asked a question before they can see your already given answer to the question, which will in turn boost your brand popularity.

Industrial Influencers
Mark Zuckerberg, Ashton Kutcher, Reed Hastings, Sheryl Sandberg, and Barack Obama are actively answering question on Quora. So it will not out of place to say that the leaders in your industry is also on Quora.
Thus Quora can be a place where you can find them, connect with them and learn useful tips from them.

So you see, Quora can be a source of really boost to your marketing campaign.

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