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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Three Great Importance Of Backlinks That Are Not Related To SEO

When it comes to improving the SEO score of your website, Backlinks is not what you should ignore. Though, Backlinks is often seen as an SEO tactic, it provides more benefits that are not related to improving the SEO score of your blog. Below I have outline three of those benefits of Backlinks that are not related to SEO.

  1. It is the lowest or in fact, the no cost CPC tactics. Compared to running an advertisement where the cost of CPC is very high, backlinks really saves you a whole lot, because you will not be billed anytime someone comes to your site through a backlink.
  2. Your brand credibility is improved when you get an external backlink to your site. Have you not noticed, the willingness to buy or do something that is recommended to you is more compared to when there is no form of recommendation.
    That is what backlinks accomplish, it recommend your brand (website) to the audience of another brand. So when you get a backlink from another website, that website is in effect telling their audience, 'you see this site am linking to, I trust them and I want you to checkout their content' this in effect improve your brand credibility.
  3. Unique visitors. When someone comes to your site through a backlink, it means that the person really wants to checkout the content of your site, and not that the person is coarse into visiting because of the flaunting wordings you used in a paid advertisement. Thus you experience more leads from visitors coming from a backlink than from visitors coming through paid advertisement.
So you see, Backlinks is not all about improving your SEO score, though it is one of the most important aspect of backlinks, there are also other benefits attached to it that is not SEO incline.

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