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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Satoshididu Is Now Paying Better Than

Every single day, I earn 2,000 bitcoin satoshi from Satoshididu but I cannot come close to that if I claim from

True offers you to chance to win up to $200 in bitcoin value, but that does not mean that you are winning anything close to it soon. The base claim for is as of now 18 satoshi, if I am to claim this 18 satoshi from them every hour for the whole day, I will end up with 288 satoshi for that they.

But with Satoshididu, I just need to claim at least for now, 35 in an interval of 15 minutes after each claim to get a reward of between 1,000 - 2,000 satoshi, and in my own case, I am getting the 2,000 satoshi.

Why not join Satoshididu now to start claim from them before the high rise of bitcoin price will force them to reduce their claim reward as it has done with

To join Satoshididu, click >>> HERE <<<
To join, click >>> HERE <<<

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