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Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Kodi Box Has Stop Working! What Should I Do?

Throw it away.
What did you just say?
Let me explain why I give you that advice.

Kodi is not a company that sells TV streaming hardware, rather, Kodi is a team of software engineer who volunteer their resources into building a Video Player that is design to work on computers and phones.
A typical example of what Kodi is all about is, VLC player. Both Kodi and VLC media player are open source software project, meaning that, Kodi video player is free to use, and that any other software engineer who is not part of the Kodi team can get the code that Kodi is built on and then customize it to suit their preference and then distribute it as their own software.

But the difference between Kodi and VLC is that, Kodi support add-ons. That is, external coding that can be loaded into the Kodi framework in order to give it more functionality without affecting the original coding of Kodi.

So the Kodi box that you have is not an hardware that is produces and distributed by the Kodi Team, but by un-named companies that create an hardware around the Kodi framework and then install and add-ons to the hardware to enable it stream live TV from pirated streaming service.

Thus your Kodi box have stop working because the pirated streaming service it is get getting live TV from have be shutdown.

So you now see the reason why I say that you should throw it away. Because it is virtually useless now, unless of course, you can get hold of another working add-ons that have not been shut down and then get an engineer to help you load it into your Kodi box.

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