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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mozilla Firefox Has a New Core Engine Called Quantum

For quite sometimes now, I have wondered about the Mozilla's new version of their browser Firefox Quantum as to what ingenuity did Mozilla put into it to make it different from their older versions of Firefox, and I just recently find it.

It is the Core Engine that Firefox is built on.

To help you understand what I mean by Firefox Core Engine, consider how phones are made.
Over a period of time, a Phone manufacturer can make more than three different phones, with different looks, and different functionalities, but still those three phones will have the same engine, that is the same version of Operating System.
For example, Infinix X506, X551 and X509, are all different Infinix phones, with different features, size, price, but all were built around version Android version 4.4.2, so no matter how sophisticated they may look, they can have a support for finger-print sensor, and thing like that.

That was what happened to Mozilla Firefox. For more than 10 years, they have used one base engine to drive the new features that were introduced into the browser, but with the release of Firefox Quantum, the core or base engine was changed.

This new Firefox engine called Quantumwhich was released in mid 2017 took Mozilla's engineers over a year to build and is made up of more than four million lines of new codes.

Rust, Servo, and Stylo are among the new programming language that the new Firefox Quantum core engine is built on.

The great thing I love about this new core engine of Firefox is it's ability to take advantage of the new CPU technology called multi-processor.
This means that each browsing tab of the Firefox browser uses a separate process. That is, if your first browsing tab is taking time to load due to scripting or even if the page crashes, that will make Firefox to crash and thus prevent you from doing want you are doing in the second tab, because each tab now work independently.

If you want full details of this new core engine of Firefox, click >>> HERE <<<

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