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Monday, December 4, 2017

Mailchimp Has An Affiliate Program

Traditionally, when you visit the website of a web service provider who has an affiliate program, then you will see a link text in the footer of their website pointing to the affiliate page, but with Mailchimp, that is not the case. Does this suggest that Mailchimp have not affiliate program? No.

Mailchimp has an affiliate program, the only difference is that they name it as Mailchimp MonkeyRewards rather than Mailchimp affiliate program.

When you start using Mailchimp MonkeyRewards, you both you will earn $30 when someone you refer upgrade to the paid plan of Mailchimp.

Also, you will be given 3 Inbox Inspections points that when you have, will tell you when a mail of yours end up in the spam folder of your subscribe and what you can do to prevent that from happening to your future mails.

So YES, Mailchimp does have an affiliate program.

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