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Monday, December 11, 2017

MacLeod’s Research Reaffirm the Fact That Saying Things Aloud Is the Best Way to Remember Them

There is a saying that is usually not disputed, the saying is 'repetition is the mother of retention.' What is being disputed is, which form of repetition is actually the best. Is it silence repetition done in the mind, voiced out repetition, repetition told to us by someone else, or listening to a recording of our own voice over and over again?

This is the question that MacLeod's research team seek to find answers to. So they gave random words to four group of people and told them to use either of these remembering technique
  • Reading words silently
  • Reading them aloud
  • Listening to someone read them, and 
  • Listening to a recording of their own voice reading them.
The result shows that the group that read words aloud remember the most words that were included on the list of the random words followed by those that listened to themselves reading the words, then those that listened to someone else reading them before the group who read the words they needed to remember silently.

Colin MacLeod, a psychology professor at the University of Waterloo calls the experience the “production effect” and says that he thinks that speaking something aloud leads to better encoding of the information in your memory.

For more details about this research, click >>> HERE <<<

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