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Monday, December 11, 2017

How to Get Your Own 2017 Best 9 Instagram Photo Collage

Popular in Instagram now is a photo collage that holds the 9 post of a user that has the highest number of likes. This collage is cool, for it helps you relieve the best moments of the year.

Unlike Facebook though, where such kind of a thing is done by the Facebook team as a video, the best 9 Instagram photos collage for the year is not done by the Instagram team. Though stressful, you can manually do this. But there is a tool that will take the stress away.

The tool is
With this tool, you can automatically check for the best 9 photos of your Instagram account, and then share it on either your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Once you created the collage with you will be two version of the collage. The first tagged Original Version will show at the bottom the total likes generated by those pictures in the year with a special Thank you for your likes! message. The second on the other hand is tagged Photo Only Version, this one will show only the collated best nine photos when shared.

Also, because this tool is free to use and does not required that you to provide any login details to use this tool, you can use it to get the best 9 photos of the year for any Instagram account of your choice, all you need to do is just to provide the username (that is Instagram ID) of that account.

To create your own 2017 best 9 Instagram photo collage now, click >>> HERE <<<
To create your own 2017 best 9 Instagram photo collage now, click >>> HERE <<<

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