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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Google's Move For A Better Ads Standard Is Not Unprecedented

Has you may know, Google have decided that come 2018, they will be blocking ads from site that uses intrusive ads are making more and more users turn to the use of ad-blocking plugins along with their browsers as they surf the web. Is this action of Google first of its kind?
Far from it. Below are some examples of such kind of actions that Google and other tech companies have taken.

The first am going to outline is the one made my Mozilla and Microsoft back in 2000.
Pop ups blockers was added by both Mozilla and Microsoft to their browser back in that year. If not because of that move by those tech company, pop up ads will have been more rampant than it is today, and will causing stress to users.

Another of such kind of move is when Apple famously refuse to support flash on iPhone. Though many people criticize them for this decision, without a doubt, this decision of their is what foster the development of internet media powered by HTML5 that we all are enjoying today.

Also, Google have in the past included a feature that blocked audio ads from playing automatically in the Chrome browser, and we were all grateful that they did.

The point is, Google move for a Better Ads Standards is not something we should quickly write off as a bad decision, from previous experience as those above shows, when tech companies wield their power in such a way, it always yielded positive result.

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