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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Get 10,000 Visitors To Your Blog With Just A Review

It is hard to get visitors to a website, but it is not impossible. While the unique and always true advice on how to get traffic is for your to provide quality and pristine content through your website or blog, it does not mean that is the only way.

Advertising is also a good source of creating a good traffic stream. But I am quite sure you do not yet want to spend a cent on advertising.

What about if I tell you I know a an ad network that want to advertise your blog for free, in exchange for a backlink from you?

Seems hard to believe?
That is what it seems to me also when I first learnt about them. But after I have given them the backlink, they did run an ad for me and get me the number of page views they promised to give for the backlink.

Now you want to know who they are? They are is a paid traffic generating tool that generate traffic through pop-unders ad networks, this time around, they are willing to pay those pop-unders ad networks with their own money so that they can give your website 10,000 visitors from pop-unders over a period of 30days, in exchange for your writing an article and then give them a backlink. That is should appear in the article you have written.

You still don't believe me, then do the following to clear your doubt
  1. Write an article
  2. Make sure that appear, anywhere in the article.
  3. Head over to and submit the URL to the article you have written.
And you are on your way to receiving 10,000 views on your website in the next 30days.

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