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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Find And Remove Virus From PC Without An Anti-Virus | Command Prompt

Virus are one of the most unwanted programs. Why? Because they generally causes harm to the host computer. Not only does it have the potential of compromising the pc owner's privacy, it can also make using the computer frustrating.

Normally, an anti-virus is a program that is dedicated to detecting and removing virus from your computer. But you do not need to rely on an anti-virus as the only hope of having a virus free computer, below, I will teach of you a way to use the Command Prompt utility in your Windows computer to Find and Remove virus.

Here is the guide.

  1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator.
    To do this in a Windows 10 machine, do the following
    1. Open the Windows Start Menu, by pressing the Windows key in your keyboard, or by clicking on the Windows Start Menu button which is located at the far-left of the taskbar.
      1. Locate the Windows System folder in the app list section of the menu.
      2. Open the folder and right-click on Command Prompt.
      3. Then hover your mouse on the More option in the right-click menu, and then click on Run as administrator in the sub-menu.
    2.  Type CMD into the Windows 10 Search bar in the taskbar.
      1. Right-click on the Command Prompt Desktop app in the result, and then click on Run as administrator.
  2.  Once you have open command prompt, type in cd c:/ and hit the  Enter button in your keyboard.
    Note: Change the C in red to the drive letter you think has the virus. If you have more than one drive in your pc, then I recommend running the guide for all the drive separately.
  3. Now type in attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and hit  Enter
    What the command line you just typed does is to display all hidden, read-only, archived, and system files which are not considered legitimate.
  4. When they are displayed and you see anyone that looks like a virus to you, type del [file name] and then press then  Enter button to remove it from your pc. Example, if the file autorun.inf is among the list, and you feel it is a virus, then type del autorun.inf and hit the Enter button.
    Note: If you are not sure about which file is a virus, with will be wise to look it up first before you delete it.
That's it. You have just learnt how to find and remove virus from your pc without using an anti-virus.

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