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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Encrypt Your USB Flash Drive Without A Third-party App | Windows 10

I am not against using a third-party software to encrypt your flash drive, but why bother buying a third-party app to encrypt your usb flash drive when you can do it for free with your Windows 10 enabled pc.

As a Windows 10 user, your computer is pre-installed with an encrypting tool called BitLocker. This tool is not only free to use, it is owned by Microsoft, secure, easy to use and most importantly, gives you flexible means of retrieving the data of your flash drive in the event you could no longer remember the password or lost the smart card you used to encrypt it.

To use the BitLocker encrypting tool, do the following.
  1. Insert your usb flash drive into your pc.
  2. Open the My PC folder.
    To do this, press Windows button + E button in the keyboard, to open File Explorer, then in the left section, click on This PC option.
  3. Locate your usb flash drive and right-click on it.
  4. From the menu that will appear, click on Turn on BitLocker, and wait for it to initialize.
  5. After initializing, choose whether you want to use Password or Smart Card to unlock the usb flash drive. I'll prefer you go with Password for the sake of this tutorial.
  6. After step 5, you will be given a Recovery Key and options by why you can use to back up the Recovery Key. Select the option that you like.
  7. After you have backed up your Recovery Key, then next screen will ask you to choose how much of your drive you want to back, either the entire drive or just the used disk space only.
  8. Once you have made your choice, the next screen will show you the summary of options you selected and will ask you if you are ready to encrypt the drive. Click Start encrypting... to proceed.
That it.

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