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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Encourage Your Loyal Blog Visitors To Use Alexa Toolbar Add-ons To Increase Your Rank

Not all blog owner really need to be bothered about their Alexa ranking, but that does not mean you shouldn't.
If you are the type that is keen about having a good Alexa ranking, then encouraging your loyal users to install the Alexa browser toolbar add-ons is an important key towards improving your Alexa ranking. Here is why I say so.

The main source of information which Alexa use to determine how to rank a website is collect from users who have the Alexa browser extension installed in their browser. This means that the more a user with the Alexa browser extension visits a site, the more likelihood that the site will rank better.

In other words, your blog needs to be visited by more people using the Alexa browser toolbar add-ons in order for your blog to rank higher.
So encouraging your loyal users to add the Alexa extension to their browser will be a plus to having your blog grow its rank on Alexa.

When I say your loyal visitors, I mean those of your visitors that like coming back to your blog and those who have subscribed to your newsletter, because if you encourage a user who rarely visitor your blog to install the add-ons and they did and browser other website with it, then it will be counting as a plus for those website they visit and not yours.

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