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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Enabling Auto-Lock For Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Kwikset Kevo is said to be a smart lock not just because you can lock and unlock it with your smart phone, but also because it has the ability to automatically lock your door in an event that you forgot to do so.

Once you enable the auto-lock for Kwikset Kevo, it will lock itself automatically after 30 it is unlock. Thus, once you activate the auto-lock, you have little or no control over when your door should be locked, Kwikset decides that for you and its decision is, you door will be locked after every 30 seconds it is unlocked.
If you are cool with this, here is the guide on how to enable the auto-lock feature of Kwikset Kevo.

  1. Remove the interior casing of the Kwikset Kevo smart lock.
    You do this using a screwdriver to unscrew the three screws holding it.

  2. When the casing in removed, you will see a box containing four small switch, push the switch labelled 4 up.
    Doing this will enable the auto-lock feature.

  3.  Now you can fix back the interior casing.
Remember though, that it will be a wise cause of action for you to test it first before you can rely on it to lock you door automatically.

Also note that, Kwikset Kevo smart lock auto-lock feature will not shut your door if you leave it open. So if you leave the door unclosed, the Kwikset lock will auto-lock itself requiring you to unlock it before you can close the door again.
This can be discomforting, but the idea of having your smart lock auto lock your door in an event when you forgot to lock it on your way out, to me, seems to outweigh the discomfort.

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