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Monday, December 25, 2017

Are They Quoran Who Give False Information And Answers To Questions?

Personally, I that not run into one because I don't really use Quora to get answers to my questions, rather I use it to provide answer to questions people ask that are related to my niche. But are there those who answer are wrong?

To me, there should definitely be.
Though Quora does not force anyone to give an answer to a question, neither do they give a reward to those who give the most answer, people providing answer to a question might invariable be giving a wrong answer. Why?

They might not have an answer, but because they feel that they cannot just ignore an answer question from their followers, they will just write their own option on the question and their option might be wrong.
Others might be giving an answer from an article they read, but the article might be misleading.

So while I will not discourage you to use Quora to get fast answers to your question, you should have in mind that the answers might be wrong, so should not be quick to ruling out the importance of making a research.

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