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Saturday, December 2, 2017

An Intro To 'Auto Load Next Post' WordPress Plugin by Sébastien Dumont

Do you like the way Forbes load their article? That is, the way another post will be loaded automatically below the post you just finish reading. If yes, you can do the same to your WordPress site using the Auto Load Next Post WordPress Plugin by Sébastien Dumont.

How does the Auto Load Next Post plugin determine which post to load next?
Well, you will noticed that at the end of every post made on a WordPress blog, there are two buttons which are used to either go back to the previous article or go to the next article.
What Auto Load Next Post does is to hide those buttons, and then automatically load the next post when scrolling down, or load the previous post when scrolling up.

The Auto Load Next Post plugin also detects when you are reading the next post and then updates the post url in the address bar to the new post you are reading, thus your traffic monitoring tool you are using will count it as two pageview and not one.

This plugin though can only be used for self-hosted WordPress site and blog, and the WordPress version should be version 4.3 and or above.

If you want a demo of the Auto Load Next Post plugin in action, click >>> HERE <<< and then select a post, and start scrolling.

To download this plugin, click >>> HERE <<<
To find out more about this plugin and installation guide, click >>> HERE <<<

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