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Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Quick Prove Facebook Is Not Recording Your Offline Conversation

The buzz now in the internet is that Facebook is using their mobile app to record your offline conversation so that they can better know your interest and thus recommend to you more personalized ads. But is Facebook really doing that? Your Facebook app data usage prove they are not.

It is true that Facebook collect a ton of information about you even when you are not using their website. But they are not tracking or recording your offline conversation. Let me show you how the data usage count of their mobile app by your device prove this fact.

Let us suppose that Facebook is using their mobile app on your phone to record your offline conversation, and they are doing this at a cost of 35Kbps (which is not close to the minimum required for a bot or human to clearly distinguish speech from a recording) it means Facebook app will be consuming 126,000Kb per hour (35kbps x 60secs x 60min), if it is recording for 6 hours only in a day, then the total kilo byte it will be consuming is 756,000kb converting this internet data to MB will give us 738MB per day (738,000kb ÷ 1,024).

If Facebook were to continue recording for 30 days, it means only Facebook will be consuming 21.6GB of internet data every month (738mb x 30days ÷ 1,024).
Definitely, I am 50% confident you do not even dream of subscribing to that kind amount of internet data volume for a month.

And that volume we just calculated is if Facebook is recording at 35Kbps which does not make sense because nothing can be able to distinguish speech from that kind of recording quality.
Now consider if Facebook were to do this with the standard minimum recording quality of 128kbps. Definitely, you will agree with mean that Facebook want to kill it's users by even thinking about just an idea.

Clearly then, it will not be wise to conclude that Facebook is monitoring you by recording your offline conversations with their mobile app.

But come to think of it, does Facebook even need to track people offline in order to know them better? I don't think so. What do you think?

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