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Friday, December 29, 2017

5 Amazing Useful Tips For Old Tablets

Are you planning on selling your old tablet because you now have a more powerful smartphone? Or is it just because you cannot figure out what to do with it again? Anyway, I will tell you now that your old tablet is still useful and here are at least 5 amazing things you can do with it.

  1. Photo Frame
    Instead of spending another money getting a digital photo frame, you can turn your old tablet into that. Footo is one of the apps I will recommend using for this purpose.
    A tablet stand, a plug-in cable for charging the tablet, and a photo frame app such as Footo is all you need to turn your once useless tablet to a digital photo frame.
  2. Digital Library
    How big is your bookshelf? Or do you store all your digital books in the cloud? If you do, that will surely take a toll on your internet data, so why not convert your old tablet to a digital library for storing and accessing your e-books offline. Aldiko Book Reader is a good app to do that for you.
  3. Controller Hub
    Is your home a smart home? then instead of gathering a remote for each of your gadget, you can install all your gadget controller app on your old tablet, and thus use it as a dedicated controller for all your home smart gadget.
  4. Smart Vehicle
    If you have an old tablet, you do not need a GPS device for your car, nor do you need to spend heavily to repair your vehicle's music and Radio player, just get a tablet mounter for vehicle and you can use that one old tablet for all those purpose.
  5. WiFi Extension
    Is your WiFi network not reaching where you where you want it to reach? Then why not use your old tablet to serve as an extension for your WiFi network. FoxFi is a good app to do that for you.
So you see, there is a whole lot you can do with your old table, don't throw it away.

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