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Thursday, November 23, 2017

You Can Refuse To Give In To Food Coma

Feel like slipping into Food Coma after a heavy meal? Hold on. You can resist that temptation!!!. Just follow these helpful tips how to say No to Food Coma even after an heavy meal.

Tip 1: Go Take A Walk
Food Coma come as a result of too much food in your stomach, this in turn leads to high level of blood glucose, which is causing fatigue and making you feel drowsy.
Going for a walk after you finish your heavy meal will ensure that your body food metabolism stay active and also it reduces blood glucose because of this glucose will be taken up by hormones out of your blood and given to your muscles.
If you do not feel like walking, then do some moderate exercise.

Tip 2: Take Degestive Stimulant
Chili pepper, hot coffee, Papaya enzymes in capsules or the fruit itself are some items that when taken can boost your degestive system which in turn will reduce the load of food in your stomach faster.

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