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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Which Drive Letter Belongs To Your Inserted Flash Drive?

In computer using Microsoft Windows operating system (OS), the inbuilt storage drive of the computer is labelled with the letter C. The letter of any other storage drive including your inserted flash drive is labelled the with the next letter after the preceding one.

That is, if you insert two flash drives to the computer, the first one you insert will be labelled drive D while the second one to be inserted will be labelled drive E.

So knowing the order at which your storage drive is inserted into a computer will help you easily identify which drive letter belongs to your flash drive.

For easy identification though, you can simply open the File Explorer before inserting the drive and watch a new drive label to appear.

Also note that if your computer comes with a CD Rom or a DVD Rom, then the rom will be labelled as drive D meaning that the letters that will be used to represent your inserted flash drive will be starting from the letter E.

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