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Saturday, November 18, 2017

What Is Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality also known by it's abbreviation VR is a technology that enable a media content creator create stunning 3D media that is capable of showcasing stories in such a way that the viewer is immerse in the media as it unfolds.
Do you understand what I just explained? If no, then read below because I want to break it down.

Have you seen a commercial whereby someone in the advert is wearing a very thick black goggle that has both an headphone and tiny glove just as the picture above shows? Probably you have. That device is called a Virtual Reality Viewer or VR Headset.

The person wearing that device might be sitting in the couch to you, but to him or her, he might not be in planet earth even, he might be in Mar, exploring the new discovery by himself, or he might be in a zoo soothing a wild animal, or in a stage observing how his fans are loving his performance and much more.

The technology used in creating those self-immersing scenes and the device used for viewing them is what is referred to as Virtual Reality.
It was released in 2016 by HTC, Facebook’s Oculus, Sony PlayStation and Google.

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