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Sunday, November 19, 2017

What is The Header And Footer of A Document

When preparing a document with a word processing program, there is always a space between the top of the document page and the start of the first line, and also there is a space between the last line of the document and the bottom of the page. These spaces are what is referred to as Header and/or Footer respectively.

The good thing about using the header and footer is that once it has been set for one page, it will automatically apply itself to all other pages in the document.

Though these sections (Header and Footer) is popularly used to hold, Page number, Date, or Document name, these section is fully customizable.

The Main Point
The header and footer of a document is the non-print areas that is at the top and bottom of the page in a document.
To make it easy to understand, just view them as the top and bottom margin of the page.

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