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Saturday, November 11, 2017

There Are Crons To Becoming A Novelist

Even if you love to write and you seems to be gifted when it comes to writing, that does not mean that becoming a Novelist is the right choice for you. Why? Because most times, you might not be able to overcome the demerit of being a Novelist and will effect make your career as a Novelist fustrating.
Here are some of the crons and discomfort of being a Novelist.

  • Writer's Block
    This is perphap the most discomforting thing about being a Novelist. Because, when writer's block is present, you cannot finish your Novel, and once you cannot finish your Novel, all the comforting thing about being Novelist will elude you.
  • Competition
    There is no career that do there is no competition, and when you can't beat your competitors, you won't be able to achieve the main goal of you spending time writing your novel, namely; attracting readers.
  • Promotion
    A key to attracting readers to your novels is good promotion, and marketing is something that most Novelist do not know how to do by themselves.
    Does this means that your only option is employing marketing service of a publisher? That is a good idea, but that is if you can convice a publisher to work with you. And the idea of a publisher refusing you work with you even when you feel that novel is better than those of the other Novelist he's working with can be a morale destroyer.
  • Unstable Income
    The income of Novelist is most times not stable especially if you are a self-published and not a traditional published Novelist. But no matter your published status, readers must be willing to buy your books at a considerable high price before you can have a dependable income.
  • Criticism
    No matter how good you feel your novels are, your work will definately going to attrack some level of criticism from your readers. While you should always remember that, a good novel is determine by the readers and not the Novelist, sometimes these criticism are from other Novelist trying to spoil your reputation, and if you cannot deal with them, then your career as a Novelist is toasted.
  • Ability To Write Without Inspiration
    Sound impossible to do? The fact is, to maintain your relevance in the market, you need to produce novels on a regular basic, else you run to risk of your readers even remembering that you are a Novelist. So your answer to the question 'when will your next novel be coming out?' should not be when you feel like, but should have a definate timeframe, and that means writing even when you do not have the inspiration to do so.
But these crons does not mean that a career as a Novelist is not worth considering. It just that all careers have it's crons and Novel writing career is not an exception.

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