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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Basic Difference Between Facebook 360 and Virtual Reality (VR)

Both Facebook 360 and Virtual Reality (VR) are pictures and video creating tool provided by Facebook. Even though that this two tool can be used for the purpose of creating and photo and videos, this does not mean that one is a duplicate of the other. Here is the basic difference between the Facebook 360 and Virtual Reality tool.

Facebook 360 is a light-weight video and photo creating tool, thus media created with this tool are loaded to Facebook News Feed which means that they can be viewed on most smartphones and desktops. And because this media available to be viewed in News Feed, media created with Facebook 360 has the potential of reaching a larger audience.

Whereas, Virtual Reality is a 3D video and photo creation tool that has a greater degree of immersion and interactivity than 360 video content. And because of this fact, VR content are too heavy to be loaded into Facebook News Feed, meaning that they can only be viewed via special hardware, such as VR headsets.

The Bottom Line:
Content created with Facebook 360 can be viewed on both Facebook News Feed and VR headsets, but content created the Virtual Reality is viewed only via special hardware such as VR headsets but Virtual Reality offer more tools than Facebook 360.

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