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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rotate Your Affiliate Banner To Your Visitors | Blogspot

Do you do affiliate marketing along with your blog or do you run a blog because you want to promote the product you are affiliate to? If yes is your answer to any of this question, then you do not need multiple ad spot on your blog before you can promote the banners of all your affiliate product. The affiliate banner rotator for blogspot blog that am about to show you, an ad spot or two will be enough to display all your affiliate banners to your users.

How The affiliate Banner Rotator Work:
With this rotator, all you need do is to stack all the affiliate banner you are promoting, and the rotator will display to your user one banner per pageview of your user.
This means your banner will not be changing itself when a visitor to your blog is still in the same page, the rotator will only change the banner when the visitor refresh the page he or she is viewing or if he views another page.
Note also that the rotator displays your affiliate banners to your users based on random and not in a chronological order, so you should not be too concerned about which affiliate banner to put first in the rotator.

How To Implement The Affiliate Banner Rotator:
  1. First off, know that the affiliate banner rotator I am about to uncover to you work only with image files such as .jpg .png .gif and the likes, but it does not word with banner script.
    So banner code of your affiliate network looks like this
    <a href://><img src="></a>
    Then all want you need for you to use the affiliate banner rotator is the part I colored with blue. But if the banner code of your affiliate network is a script and looks like this
    <script type="text/javascript" src=";k_bid=cef62f8e"></script>
    Then what you will need to do is to download the banner as an image from the preview section in your affiliate dashboard the same you save image from google search, then you will upload the downloaded banner to your downloaded banner image to a web host.
    I will recommend you use PICASA WEB ALBUM because they host images for free. If you do not want to use them, then you can upload your banner to Facebook or Twitter or another service that you like.
  2. After have uploaded the banner to the web, you need to collect the link that is pointing to the affiliate banner you have uploaded. Do this to get the link:
    • View the Image. What I mean is that in the dashboard of the online service you uploaded the banner, click on the image so that it will be the only image that is shoing the in screen.
    • Now right-click on the image and click on Copy Image Location if you are using Firefox, if you are using Chrome, it will be Copy Image address.
    • Note that if you are copying the Image Location or Address from the banner preview section of you affiliate platform dashboard, you do not need to click to enlarge the image, you should just right-click and copy it because most times, if you click on the banner, it will not enlarge it, rather it will take you to the landing page of the banner campaign.
  3. Now that you have gotten the banner location, what you need next is your affiliate link or the link to the page you want the user to be taken to when the banner is clicked. This link is also known as Banner Landing Page.
  4. Once you have gotten those two links, you can now copy the Affiliate Banner Rotator code below.
    <!-- Affiliat Banner Rotator Powered By  -->
    <script type='text/javascript'> var banner=new Array()
    banner[0]='<a href="Banner Landing Page URL"><img alt="Banner Image Alter Tag" height="auto" width="100%" src=""/></a>'
    banner[1]='<a href="Banner Landing Page URL"><img alt="Banner Image Alter Tag" height="auto" width="100%" src=""/></a>'
    banner[2]='<a href="Banner Landing Page URL"><img alt="Banner Image Alter Tag" height="auto" width="100%" src=""/></a>'
    var whichquote=Math.floor(Math.random()*(banner.length));  document.write(banner[whichquote]); </script>
  5. The Next step is to add the code to your blog. To do this:
    • Go to the Layout of you blog.
    • In the section where you want the affiliate banner rotator to appear, click on Add a Gadget.
    • Select the HTML/JavaScript gadget and paste the code in the Content box of the HTML/JavaScript
  6. Now before you save, replace the place I colored with lime with the Banner Image Location link that you have copied.
    and replace the places I colored with red with the Banner Landing Page.
    When done, click the Save button on the HTML/JavaScript gadget then click on the Save arrangement button on the Layout page and you are good to go.
The Affiliate banner rotator code above only makes room for three banners, if you want more just duplicate
banner[2]='<a href="Banner Landing Page URL"><img alt="Banner Image Alter Tag" height="auto" width="100%" src=""/></a>'
section and do the replacement I told you in step 6 above. Also remember to increase or decrease the number according to the number of banners you are adding. This will enable to rotator to know how many banners they are, which it has shown and which have not been shown to a user.

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